Where nature created some of the richest soil in the world we produce the food of tomorrow.

AgraMarke, Inc. is a unique growers association with a focus on quality production, identity preservation and administrative services to its membership. AgraMarke is an acronym, which stands for:
On the farm

  • Agricultural
  • Research
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Education

Business structure is a farmer owned, non-profit, marketing cooperative, which provides marketing and other business opportunities for its members’ crop and livestock production. The business and affairs of AgraMarke are managed by and under the direction of its Board of Directors, which currently is comprised of five members of the Company. These Directors are elected from the membership. The company operates at cost and any profit goes to the individual members who produce and care for customer products.¬†AgraMarke’s primary goal for its membership is to improve profitability, quality and cost efficiency of members’ agricultural production.