One of the opportunities for the AgraMarke members has been to establish identity-preserved, commodity marketing programs. Corn, wheat, and soybeans are the primary crops in AgraMarke’s, geographic area. AgraMarke’s unique business structure allows the organization to expand or reduce its production for any contractual need. This offers a potential purchaser or processor access to a quantity of production acreage or livestock production through a single corporate contract. AgraMarke completes the contractual agreements with its members and identifies a step-by-step procedure that is specific to a customer’s request. AgraMarke has experience in the identity preservation and segregation in the following crops:

  • Non-GMO milling quality corn
  • White corn
  • Waxy corn
  • Small food grade soybeans
  • Large food grade soybeans
  • Soybean seed production
  • Non-GMO soybeans

AgraMarke is continually looking for opportunities in the production of alternative, specialty and genetically enhanced crops as well as growing and marketing opportunities for its members’ livestock.