Agramarke Minutes

Posted on February 11, 2014

Recently your board agreed unanimously to initiate an entirely new program which could have a far reaching financial impact on AgraMarke, Inc. Starting immediately you can place your MPCI, crop insurance, for the crop year 2014 through your AgraMarke Cooperative. This of course has unleashed many questions. We hope answer some of them with this letter. A series of meetings soon, to discuss this member service along with the KnowRisk business software member service will be scheduled.

Let’s start with simply asking why. Answer-AgraMarke has a number of ambitious plans to help you improve your bottom line! These plans will require a profit centered program to first improve AgraMarke’s bottom line.

Last fall Pete Fish, a Kansas State agriculture graduate, with 35 successful years in the agricultural insurance business was appointed your program Director. With that background it seems natural that we utilize his talent and experience.

Next let’s ask how is this going to work? AgraMarke will contract with Midwest Ag Professionals, a well established Kansas crop insurance agency, to provide services. We will be licensed in both Missouri and Kansas. Pete Fish will be your contact and your agent.

The most important ingredient in this recipe is YOU the members of AgraMarke. With you the program could be a shining example of how working together much can be accomplished. Without you it could well be an exercise in futility. The details can come later let’s just say that the financial return to AgraMarke can supply us with the working capital to develop the value added services for you a member.