Meetings Report

Posted on March 3, 2014

A thank you to those members that attended the member services meetings recently held. A special thanks to Ron Blakely, Larry Becker and Daryll Jamvold for hosting the meetings. About 40 members came to participate and learn what your cooperative has developed for Member Services.

1. Our partnership with INTL FC STONE has successfully developed your cooperative a soybean export market for you. The first project has just been completed with approximately 61,000 bushels delivered and loaded into containers for export. Very impressive for a pilot project. We are working on a new crop project. Our partner was very impresssed with the quality! We are committed to bringing you value added premiums for your farm fresh soybeans.

2. KnowRisk, an online business managment tool, was presented by FC Stone at the meetings. From the comments and stories I heard this is a tool you need to take advantage of in your operation. Here is a testimony from one of the members. Before the meeting he had been in his pickup for 30 miniutes trying to decide what price he could afford to pay for lease on some ground. In 3 minutes using KnowRisk he was able to accurately determine what was feasible for his operation! WOW. This will help you make sound business decisions rather than guessing.

3. Agramarke Crop Insurance. One our members commented “It’s like doing business with myself”. This is the funding mechanism your cooperative has to capitalize these member services. This is your opportunity to take this organization and help itself! If you have not signed an application to renew your coverages for the coming crop year then please contact me by replying to this email or call me at 785-850-1121. MPIC is federally subsidized. The income we receive is on the base premium which is your premium plus the subsidized premium. This will help you help yourself. The sales closing date for making changes is March 15.